Firm Overview

Unique corporate legal practices in criminal justice advocacy


The Akada Law Office has a proven reputation for expertly representing the best interests of our business clients that need to manage pre- or post-sentencing planning. Our firm also offer confinement advocacy and assistance to individuals, especially corporate executive or employees, who face possibility to be incarcerated due to white-collar crimes in the United States. We can offer legal services to handle such needs. Our premier lawyer has a proven reputation for effectively and expertly representing our client’s best interests.


Ms. Akada, with her sophisticated knowledge and experience in criminal justice system globally, has developed her practice as a post-conviction/ criminal justice advocacy attorney. She is especially renowned for her services, related to corporate HR matters, for global corporate clients that have foreign employees/executives serving prison terms for white collar crimes in the U.S.

Our firm also offers other legal services to handle various corporate business matters: Incorporation, LLC, LLP, S Corporation and other entities. Purchase or Sale of Business. Business-related contracts.


We Apply Our Extensive Experience to Every Matter We Handle

The Akada Law Office approach to implementing strategy ensures that every matter is appropriately thought through and effectively handled utilizing the unique skill and knowledge possessed by our firm. Further, our firm can handle various needs or inquiry by an attorney who is familiar with Japanese language, culture and systems. If you wish to hire a law firm with such unique skill and experience, please call or use our online contact form so that we may be of assistance to you.